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Futurestation is just not one more business advisory firm. With years of advisory experience across several geographies and sectors, we are equipped to handhold your business to the next level of growth and efficiency – your friend-in-need to help your business navigate challenges and move towards a bright future. Being small and nimble, we catch up with technological developments fast and help your business adopt the optimal strategies to achieve sustainable and profitable growth

We are a team of professionals with leadership credentials in couple of the Big 4 professional services firms as well as top corporate in India having over 100 person-years of collective experience in Digital Empowerment, Human Capital, Risk Management and Business Sustainability

Our current portfolio of services is designed to cater to some of the key needs of businesses across sectors and regions. At any stage of business – whether at inception or growth, at any situation of market – bullish or bearish, for any size of operations – large, medium or small, these services can add value to the business.
The specific focus solutions within these competencies are mentioned in the attached competency decks. These will give an idea about our capabilities. The actual service offering to clients are customized and specific need based

Digital Empowerment

In FutureStation, we think about digital empowerment not just in terms of the technology. We think the impact this empowerment will have on our client’s business, on the client’s people, on the client’s supply chain, on the communities and on the investors. It’s about looking at digital empowerment from every angle, and determining the human impact we can have.
We believe digital empowerment is about more than technology, it is the lever that businesses can use to drive business transformation, elevate customer experience and engagement and identify demand for and test new products and services

Risk Advisory

Today’s business environment is more complex and more connected than ever before. Companies face new and unknown risks, but also new and untapped opportunities. FutureStation helps organizations navigate a variety of risks to lead in the marketplace and disrupt through innovation. Our insights help our clients to embrace complexity and accelerate performance.
We bring together specialist disciplines and commercial expertise to give our clients the insight, foresight and independent advice they need to build and safeguard the value of all parts of their business.
Our Risk advisory services offer a combination of qualitative, regulatory, and technology skills along with broad industry experience.
– Internal Audit Services
– Governance Risk & Compliance
– Information Technology Audit
– Business Process Management
To support our clients in managing their risk of non-compliance, we have developed a cloud based compliance management tool that provides two-level compliance support, a unique feature that makes it the most useful tool among such tools available in the market

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Business Sustainability

At Futurestation, our approach to business sustainability is by leveraging it as a tool for business excellence and growth. Sustainability is becoming more important for all companies, across all industries. It is a business approach to creating long-term value by taking into consideration how a given organization operates in the ecological, social and economic environment.

Sustainability is a structured approach to achieving a holistic and triple bottom line growth. Apart from risk identification and mitigation, as well as a significant improvement in the efficiency of processes and systems for optimization of resources, the other proven tangible and intangible benefits of sustainability include it’s positive impact on employees’ morale, an organization being recognized as an employer of choice, supply chains being motivated to adopt leading practices and consumers being educated on the importance of responsible behavior. After years of it being perceived as cost-centric, we are now finally realizing the true value-addition made by implementation of sustainability-related measures.

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Human Capital Services

Our Human Capital services leverage research, analytics and industry insights to help our clients design and implement talent, leadership, organization, rewards and change programs that enable business performance through people performance. We help clients make use of the added value of their people function, offering measurable substance to the people agenda.
Managing Change is a key continuous factor in the Human Capital domain. In FutureStation we focus on developing strategies, structures, systems and processes as well as building capabilities that enable the attraction, development, engagement, retention and management of talent. We deploy leading methodologies, best practices and empirical findings to assist our clients to align their strategies that enable them to focus on their people priorities while taking into account cost, capability, capacity, connection, and compliance related considerations.
In addition, we encourage our clients to evaluate the human and social capital that they have generated and help them identify processes and actions to improve these valuations.

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